Parnis Airport Services

Presence and Capacity
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Parnis has offices in all 3 major South African cities, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and currently employs more than 120 staff.

As a South African company specialising in airport and airport related maintenance and installation projects, we have access to a team of skilled engineers and other specialists able to offer innovative, cost-effective solutions to most technical airport maintenance problems. Our long established working relationships with our global associates and our passion for training and excellence helps ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of new developments in the aviation space.

Current Contracts
In addition to various capital projects focused mainly on fuel hydrant installations and baggage system upgrades, our current contracts include maintenance of Passenger Loading Bridges, Baggage Sortation and Conveyering Systems, Visual Guidance Docking Systems and 400-Hz Ground Power Units, and Hydraulic Road-blockers.