Ground Power Units

POWERING THE WAY The 400 Hertz units provide vital ground power to drive key aircraft systems while an aircraft is parked. With the green energy drive being such an important initiative at all of [...]

Fuel Hydrants

FUEL US SAFELY The refuelling system at any airport is probably one of the most critical. Not only does the correct functioning of a fuel hydrant system determine the operational capacity of the [...]

Trolley Maintenance

LIGHTENING THE LOAD One of the first things passengers expect when entering an airport is a working trolley for their luggage. One that moves easily under direction, negotiates escalators and [...]

Baggage Handling

BAGGING SUCCESS Baggage handling is the art of sorting out a million needles into the correct haystacks and ensuring delivery to their owners! Thanks to Parnis’s installation of a [...]

Docking Systems

SAFETY IS THE FIRST STEP Safety is a primary concern at any airport and, thanks to Parnis and the Safegate Automated Visual Guidance Docking System (AVDGS), the guesswork has been taken out of [...]

Boarding Bridges

SEAMLESS TRANSITIONING Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs) are one of the most ubiquitous, high-volume structures at modern airports. Used by hundreds of thousands of passengers each day, PBBs need [...]